Art Deco Postcards Book  
Art Deco Postcards Book

Bob and I got very excited looking at an early version of this fabulous collection of Art Deco
postcards. Now it’s in print, and it’s your turn. Art historian and author Patricia Bayer
ART DECO ARCHITECTURE and ART DECO INTERIORS featured on other pages) gives us a new way of looking at these miniature works of art. Featuring 264 postcards from the 1920’s to the 1940’s, the subjects range from the iconic skyscrapers and nightclubs, to hotels, restaurants, exposition structures and other notable buildings.

Images include both facades and interiors from around the Deco world, many of which haven’t been published before. Some are sepia and white, but most of them are beautfully reproduced in the great tinted color we’re used to seeing in the originals. A separate note section provides a wealth of detail about each postcard. As a special bonus,
the book includes a set of 8 great detachable and useable facsimile postcards.
(Surprise your friends by mailing them or frame them for your favorite Deco wall.)
288 pages, HC, 8-1/2” X 5-1/2”.

BK273 - Art Deco Postcards Book
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