Tulsa Art Deco  

Tulsa, Oklahoma, came into its oil inheritance at about the same time as the ascendancy
of Art Deco.  Flush with oil money, builders were ready to utilize the exciting new architectural style to create monuments to their newfound wealth.  Dozens of civic, commercial, residential and religious buildings rose in Zig Zag and Streamline style, embellished with the best terra cotta, lighting fixtures, stained glass and decorative metalwork that money could buy. Hundreds of color photos, illustrations, drawings, color coded maps, and photos of buildings and details make this book a feast for the eye.  The meticulous research shows in the informative and accessible commentary.
This book, now in its revised second edition, was created by the Tulsa Foundation for Architecture.  If you can’t get to Tulsa in person, this armchair tour is the next
best thing.
204 pages, HC, 11” X 12.”

BK179 - Tulsa Art Deco