The elegant and alluring cover photo of Loretta Young in 1933 provides a great invitation to enter the world of Gilbert Adrian.  From 1924 to 1941, he designed costumes at MGM for the great ladies of the silver screen (Garbo, Hepburn, Crawford and Harlow to name a few).  Believing that costume can mirror a character’s mood, his designs were a critical part of a film’s visual impact.  Ultimately, they transcended the films and transformed his leading ladies into icons of style.  After leaving MGM, Adrian opened his own couture and ready-to-wear business.  His bold designs, draping, and fabrics had a far-reaching influence on subsequent decades of fashion design.  With its large format, thorough research, and over 200 duotone illustrations (many never published), this book will become a treasured reference.  224 pages, 9” X 11,” HC .

BK246 - Adrian:
Silver Screen to Custom Label

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