Dard Book  


Larry Kreisman, our long-time friend and a long-time appreciator of “Things Deco,” is quite a prolific
author on subjects of architecture, design and preservation.  His new book takes an in-depth look at
Dard Hunter’s graphic works, starting with his early efforts and inspiration of William Morris,
through his time with Elbert Hubbard’s Roycroft Press, to his extended stay in Europe among the
avant-garde German and Vienna Secessionists.
Hunter’s graphic art remains instantly recognizable and beloved today.  This book is chock full of
Dard’s designs for book covers and title pages, bookplates, brochures, letterheads, and stained glass
windows. Accompanied by historical photographs and examples from Hunter’s design contemporaries,
Larry’s illuminating text establishes Hunter as a unique voice that emerged from a multitude of
extraordinary influences in an era of flourishing artistic achievement.  112 pages, 120 color illus,
8” X 9” HC.
BK278 – Dard Hunter: The Graphic Works Book