Erte Postcards Decks  
Erte Symphony in Black Notecards

The poses are classic Erte—so stunning and elegant, we had to show them all.  Each 5” X 7” card is beautifully
printed and then strategically glittered in patterns that dance in the light.  Our photo can’t do them justice—
you’ll have to see for yourself.  In their burnished gold envelopes, they’re perfect for correspondence to extra special people,  
or frame them for display.  Set of 12 cards, 3 each of the 4 designs.

ST177 – Erte Glittered Notecards

For lovers of 1920’s French fashion illustration, Erte and Barbier are the masters. We offer this set of two postcard packs, each with 20 cards.  The Erte deck has his most familiar designs, while the Deco deck has Barbier fashions and fabric details. The cards are 4-1/2” X 6-1/2” and will help send your greetings in fine style—
just add the stamp, or use them as gift cards for the right person.      
ST182 – Erte and Deco Postcard Decks