Crosley Tabletop Radio  

Picture this:  a classic mid 1930’s film-- the scene takes place in the living room or kitchen, the family is gathered around a small table, Mother rocking in a chair, Dad holding a newspaper, kids on the floor.  There’s a magic box sitting on top of the table, speaking to them.  Perhaps they’re listening to the news or one of FDR’s optimistic “Fireside Chats.”    At another time they’re singing and dancing to the latest music being played by the great singers and bands.  And of course, there were the advertising jingles.   They were listening to a radio very much like this Crosley cathedral style.   Careful attention to details like the two-tone wood grain, mesh grille, black knobs and yellow tuning dial, make this scaled down AM/FM radio as authentic as the 1930’s original (but with more up to date dynamic sound). Measures 9” W, 11”H, 6” D.
RA05 – Crosley Tabletop Radio