Blanc Paris 1923 Cards
    Merry Xmas Legs Cards
    Merry Christmas Penguins Cards

How cute are these vintage cards!  Certainly not like any you’ll see in your local store
The French Blanc magazine cover from 1923 has a fashionable lady walking her two fashionable beribboned dogs (“Wishing you a Beautiful Holiday”)
These 1940s ladies have strategically placed their legs under the Merry sign to spell Xmas (“and Happy New Year”)  
The 15 penguins from the 1950s have gathered together to say “It’s Merry Christmas” (“Have a Cool Yule”).  Each box contains 15 cards (nearly 5” X 7”) and envelopes.

CR112 – Blanc Paris 1923 Cards
CR113 – Merry Xmas Legs Cards
CR114 – Merry Christmas Penguins Cards