Crystal Deco Jewelry  

Are you ready to get Deco Glam??  We’re ready for you with this wonderful collection of sparkly Deco necklaces, pins and earrings.  We wish they were diamonds and platinum, but these fantastic re-creations are more affordable.

At the top of the photo, this beautiful necklace (A) is made up of Swarovski crystal segments connected by chain.   The length adjusts from 16”- 18” so it will comfortably fit most necks Immediately below in the center, is a shield shaped pin(B) (nearly 2” wide) with intricate Deco metalwork and decorated with two shades of opal crystals.  Metal on both is silver plate over bronze with a softer antiqued finish.

Two pair of earrings flank that brooch.  The smaller triangular shield design (C) is 1” high, while the bigger one, a dangling arrow (D) hangs down 2-1/2” long.  They have hypoallergenic posts and are made with exquisite European crystals and rhodium plated metal, giving them both a very rich look.  Using the same materials, the large crystal buckle necklace at the bottom (H) is a bit over 18,” reaching the hollow of your neck.
The beautiful alternating  link chain attaches on both sides of the central 2” wide highly jeweled piece.

These 3 middle pieces were originally belt buckles, but we’ve had them made into 2-piece pins.  You can wear them separately as if they were vintage dress clips, or together to look like one longer (wider) pin.  On the left (E) is a multi-stone design (1-3/4” high, 1-3/4” wide).  Rumor has it that they were originally used by Mr. Lauren as a belt buckle some seasons back.  On the right (F) is a more delicate but Deco design with brighter metal and fewer stones (1-1/2” high, 1-1/4” wide).  Below them (G) is a very Deco arrowhead shaped set (1-3/4” wide, 1-1/4” high).  There are so many fabulous designs, we’re sure you’ll find a few to add to your collection.  We won’t tell anyone that they’re not “real.”

(A)JW204 - Swarovski Segment Necklace
(B)JW205 - Metalwork Opal Crystal Pin
(C)JW206 - Smaller Shield Crystal Earrings
(D)JW207 - Long Dandling Crystal Earrings
(E)JW209 - “Lauren” Pair of Pins
(F)JW208 - “Delicate”Pair of Pins
(G)JW210 - “Deco Arrowheads” Pair of Pin
(H)JW211 - Crystal Buckle Necklac