Deco Necklaces  

Everything’s coming up emerald—green, that is—in fashion and interiors, and we LOVE it.   
These fabulous Deco pieces will look striking when worn with black or white or cream and
also your green outfit

l(A) They’re not real emeralds and diamonds in this segment necklace, but they are richly colored green and clear Swarovski crystals with black enamel accents.  It adjusts from 16” – 18” to lie just right on your neck  l(B) We’ve seen this floral and step design motif on terra cotta plaques adorning early 1930’s buildings.  Here, the black and green enamel rods complement the floral design.  
Necklace is 17” long, but adjusts up to 2” shorter.

JW214 – Green Crystal Segment Necklace

JW215 – Green Enamel 5 Plaques Necklace