Gazelle Posters  
New York Wonder City Poster


We were thrilled to discover this absolutely striking poster.  The design is based on Edgar Brandt’s
iconic Deco gazelle, usually found on screens or gates.  The gazelle is surrounded by stylized
foliage, placed inside an octagon and then a square.  The poster is ready for you to frame in its
original rectangular shape (24” X 36”) as an advertisement for wallpaper, or you can cut it
down to just the square central motif.  The poster is beautifully hand silk-screened on high quality,
heavyweight paper, and comes in your choice of gold metallic ink on an ebony ground, or silver
metallic ink on a pearl ground.  Ships separately in a tube.  (Poster design ©.2012 by
Stephen Bauer, Bradbury & Bradbury Art Wallpapers)
PS41 - Gazelle Poster - black ground
PS42 - Gazelle Poster - pearl ground