Frank Lloyd Wright Geometric & Sumac Ties  

Frank Lloyd Wright was the 20th century’s greatest architect.  Known primarily for his building designs, he also created the furniture, stained glass and housewares for his homes and offices.  And oh yes, he was also an illustrator.  Our Frank Lloyd Wright Tie Collection draws upon many sources for unique designs presented here.  This year, we have a number of new designs for you to enjoy. The Geometric Tree uses elements from a holiday card commissioned in 1943. Prairie Sumac is based on art glass window designs from the Dana Thomas House in IL. Ties are 100% silk.

TI60 - Frank Lloyd Wright
Geometric Tree Tie (Black/Red)
TI65 - Frank Lloyd Wright
Prairie Sumac Tie (Med. Blue)
TI66 - Frank Lloyd Wright
Prairie Sumac Tie (Black/Taupe)